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Charlotte’s Center For Laser Dentistry

Smiles That Glow With Confidence

Charlotte’s Center For Laser Dentistry

Smiles That Glow With Confidence

Dental Lasers, The Cure For Dental Anxiety

Painless, precise, and even shot free!

The new Waterlase iPlus laser enables Dr. Carli to create a more comfortable and stress free experience for her patients. This technology allows her to offer injection-free, pain-free dentistry for many dental procedures. Instead of the old school drill, the laser uses light energy and water to ensure more predictable outcomes, less post-op sensitivity, and little to no bleeding. Contact us to learn more about how laser dentistry will change how you feel about going to the dentist.

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A Fresh Take On Dentistry

General and family dental care that stands apart

Dr. Carli Warden and her dental team are thrilled to welcome Charlotte families and individuals to Luminous Dental. No matter where patients are with their oral health, Dr. Carli is ready to bring her expertise to each appointment in order to create healthier, more confident smiles. She remains ahead of the curve with continuing education and stays up to date with the ever evolving dental industry. She is a laser certified dentist who invests in state-of-the-art technology which ensures an optimal patient experience along with predictable results. Whether you and your family are seeking cosmetic dentistry, pain-free treatments, or are simply looking for a new dental home, our team is ready to brighten your day and your smile.

Patient First Approach


As passionate as Dr. Carli is about keeping up on the latest advances in dentistry, she’s even more passionate about making connections with her patients and treating them as individuals. She understands that each smile and patient is unique. Everyone has different goals when it comes to their teeth and ultimately she wants her patients to feel comfortable in her care no matter what those goals are.

Open Communication


As a general dentist who puts patients first, Dr. Carli has made a commitment to honesty and integrity when it comes to recommendations on care. She wants the very best for her patients, but understands that patients want to hear all of the treatment options available and make the choice for themselves. Personalized care is about doing what’s best for each person at Luminous Dental.

Convenient Dental Care

Dental Care
Made Easy

We strive to make Luminous Dental the first choice for family dentistry in Charlotte because we believe that our passion for dental care is truly unmatched. Patients here feel welcome and cared for from the moment they step foot in our office. Our friendly, competent team is committed to making each appointment as efficient and comfortable as possible.

See How Painless Treatment Is Possible With Laser Dentistry

Call our office to see if laser dentistry is right for you.

Advances in dental technology mean that treatments have come a long way, especially for patients. At Luminous Dental, the team utilizes laser dentistry in order to deliver lasting results with very minimal discomfort. And with laser dentistry, the potential for anesthesia-free treatment is possible. Patients will be impressed by how quick and painless treatments can be with the help of top-tier technology. Dr. Carli continues to educate herself on the latest advances in dentistry in order to give her patients the best care available.