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Thanks to modern dental technology, many treatments are available to solve oral health problems. However, the best solution is still to prevent adverse dental conditions before they even happen. That’s why Dr. Carli Warden and her team at our Charlotte, NC dental office prioritize preventive dental care.

What Is Preventive Dental Care?

Complete dental care includes techniques and treatments that stop potential oral health problems and ensure that your mouth, teeth, and gums remain healthy. This goal is achieved through at-home care combined with regular checkups and exams performed by a dentist. Anyone can benefit from preventive dentistry

By taking a proactive approach to dental care, you can prevent the development of cavities, periodontal disease, tooth decay, and gingivitis. Because your mouth contains multiple nerve endings and blood vessels, the progression of these problems can cause pain, discomfort, and several other adverse health conditions that affect your whole body. Even if a patient has already developed an oral health condition, many preventive dental techniques can be used to ensure that the problem doesn’t worsen.

In addition, preventive dental care can save you time and money. Restorative dental treatments cost more than regular dental exams and cleanings. You can avoid more complex and expensive procedures by caring for your teeth and gums while they are still healthy.

Comprehensive Dentistry in Charlotte, NC

Preventive Dental Care Services At Luminous Dental

Dr. Carli at Luminous Dental recognizes that many signs of an oral health problem require an experienced professional eye to catch. That’s why we utilize the most comprehensive techniques and procedures to help keep your teeth as healthy as possible.

Some of the services we offer as part of preventive dentistry include:

Preventive Dentistry At Home

Oral health care doesn’t stop when you leave the dentist’s office. Regular brushing and flossing are significant parts of home care. You should spend at least two minutes daily brushing and then flossing. You should use a soft-bristled toothbrush with gentle circular strokes directed at a 45-degree angle to your gums. Replace the brush head every two to three months, be sure to use toothpaste with fluoride, and don’t neglect to brush your tongue as well.

Smoking and using tobacco products can have serious adverse effects on your oral health and general health. For example, people who smoke or use tobacco products carry a much higher risk of developing oral cancer, tooth decay, and periodontal disease. In addition, tobacco can discolor your teeth, restrict healthy blood flow to your mouth, decrease salivary flow, and lead to complications and a reduced recovery capacity following any dentalsurgery.

Finally, it would be best to monitor what you eat and drink. Sugary foods and drinks can eventually wear away your enamel and lead to toothaches, tooth decay, generalized sensitivity, and tooth loss. Likewise, chewing ice or hard candies and/or objects like pens can cause your teeth to crack or break.

Preventive Dentistry Cost

Because preventive dentistry is essential to stopping significant oral health conditions like periodontal disease and tooth decay, most insurance plans will cover at least a portion of the cost of treatment. However, even if your insurance policy doesn’t cover these essential services such as exams and cleaning that are considered preventive dental care., it is still imperative that you keep up with your regular appointments in order to avoid any potential dental issues that could arise. Because these are necessary basic services, they are among the most affordable procedures and treatments you can receive.

Comprehensive Dentist in Charlotte, NC

Caring for your teeth requires a proactive and vigilant regimen that includes regular visits to your dentist. That is why Dr. Carli and the team at Luminous Dental make every effort to ensure that our patients are comfortable every time they step through our doors. We also invest in advanced technology/equipment and continuing education to remain on top of the dental techniques that will benefit our patients most.

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