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Having your teeth examined at the dentist twice a year is essential in preventing dental problems from forming and progressing. Many oral health concerns can develop and lead to more severe conditions, often without you even realizing it, including oral cancer. The good news is that oral cancer can often be treated quickly and effectively when caught early. Here’s what you should know about how an oral cancer screening could benefit you before scheduling your next appointment with Dr. Carli and her team at Luminous Dental in Charlotte. 

Oral Cancer Screening Dentist in Charlotte NC

What is Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer occurs in the soft tissues of your mouth or the back of your throat. In most cases, oral cancer will develop on the floor of your mouth or tongue. While oral cancer can affect anyone, certain risk factors could make you more likely to experience it, including:

  • Smoking cigarettes or using other tobacco products
  • Excessive drinking
  • Family history of cancer

What Can Be Expected During an Oral Cancer Screening?


Oral cancer screenings are fast and painless. At Luminous Dental, oral cancer screenings are performed during each routine dental checkup. Here’s what you can expect during your mouth cancer screening:

  • Dr. Carli will look all around the inside of your mouth for any signs of abnormalities or color changes.
  • She will gently feel the soft tissues of your mouth and neck for lumps.
  • She will also check your head and neck lymph nodes for any growths.
  • If she notices any concerning signs, she will schedule a follow-up appointment or a biopsy with an oral surgeon or pathologist to determine if cancerous cells are present.

What Are the Early Warning Signs of Oral Cancer?

While some people never notice any signs of oral cancer, others will experience some. Common warning signs include:

  • White or red spots
  • Lesions in your mouth that won’t go away or are slow to heal
  • Unexplained bleeding, tenderness, or numbness
  • Lumps 
  • Thick patches

If you notice one or more of these symptoms, don’t wait until your next dental appointment to contact our office. Call us right away to have an oral cancer screening. Early detection can make a tremendous difference in treating the condition and preventing it from causing more problems.

What Happens If Oral Cancer Is Found?

If left to its own devices, oral cancer can progress quickly and spread to other areas of your body without you even realizing it. For this reason, it needs to be caught promptly. Fortunately, oral cancer can often be cured if caught early. This makes having your mouth examined at the dentist every six months particularly critical, especially if you smoke, drink, or have a family history of cancer. If you are diagnosed with oral cancer, the compassionate team at Luminous Dental is committed to helping you restore the health of your mouth as quickly and comfortably as possible. Dr. Carli will assist you in finding the proper care for your specific case.

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You deserve to have a healthy, beautiful smile for life. By visiting Luminous Dental twice a year, you can ensure that your mouth stays in great shape by preventing and treating oral cancer early. Our trusted team is here for you to learn more about maintaining your best smile. Contact us today to schedule your next oral cancer screening and see how convenient investing in your oral health can be. We can’t wait to give you a reason to smile bright!