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Dental decay or cavities is the most common chronic disease in the US. While a good diet and proper oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing at least twice a day go a long way in preventing cavities, you still need to take your kids to the dentist for exams and teeth cleaning. At Luminous Dental in Charlotte, NC, we understand the importance of children’s dental care.

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Overview of Children’s Dentistry  

Pediatric dentistry is a branch that focuses on caring for children’s dental health from infancy through the teenage years. This includes preventing and treating diseases of the mouth, teeth, and gums, habit counseling, such as pacifier use and thumb sucking, and early intervention during the growth of teeth to prevent extensive problems in the future. Children begin to get their baby teeth between 6 months and one year, and by age 6 or 7, they start to lose their first set of teeth, which eventually are replaced by permanent teeth. Without proper dental care, children are at a higher risk for dental caries, tooth decay, malocclusion or misaligned teeth, and gum disease.   

Children should visit the dentist within six months after the baby’s first tooth eruption or before celebrating their first birthday. After that, dental checkups every six months are recommended for most kids. If your child is experiencing recurring dental issues, such as cavities or gum disease, they may need to visit the dentist more frequently, usually every 3-4 months, unless advised otherwise by your dentist.

Benefits of Regularly Taking Your Kids to the Dentist  

  • Prevent dental problems: Regular 6-month checkups allow your dentist to monitor your child’s oral health and detect any issues early when they are easier to treat  
  • Develop healthy oral hygiene habits: During your dental appointment, your dentist will educate your child on properly taking care of their teeth and gums.  
  • Ease fear and create familiarity with dental care: Developing your child’s habit of visiting the dentist regularly from an early age will encourage them to maintain this habit as they grow older.   

What Happens at Your Children’s Dentist Appointment?  

At Luminous Dental, we want dental care for children to be a positive experience when they come for their routine checkups. Dr. Carli and the entire team are friendly and will make your child feel comfortable from the moment they walk in. We always tell kids exactly what we’ll do in kid-friendly terms, show them any instruments we’ll be using, and ensure they’re on board before we start.   

Here’s what you can expect at your child’s appointment:   

  • Professional teeth cleaning: We will clean your kid’s teeth to remove plaque and tartar that could result in tooth decay and gum disease. Our hygienist will use special tools like scalers and a high-powered electric toothbrush to clean and polish the teeth and expertly floss the teeth to remove any remaining debris before rinsing the mouth.   
  • Exam and X-rays: Once your kid’s mouth is free of plaque and tartar, Dr.Carli will carefully examine your child’s little teeth, look at his/her gums and jaws, and evaluate their growth and development. We’ll then take X-rays of the teeth and jaw to get a detailed picture of your child’s mouth and diagnose hard-to-see cavities, impacted teeth, and other issues with children’s teeth that may be missed during a visual exam.   
  • Fluoride or Dental Sealants: Depending on what we find during your child’s exam, we may recommend additional treatments like fluoride to strengthen their teeth or dental sealants – thin protective coatings painted on the chewing surfaces of the molars to prevent tooth decay. 

Laser-Assisted Cavity Removal For Children

If your child is diagnosed with a cavity, it must be fixed with a filling. Dr. Carli can achieve this at Luminous Dental using a dental laser instead of a high-speed drill. The laser provides gentle and precise decay removal without the loud drill sound, and vibration children dislike. Little-to-no anesthesia is required, allowing faster treatment and fewer follow-ups because multiple teeth can be treated during the same visit. Your child will much prefer this method of cavity preparation, and there is no additional cost for the laser. 

How Can You Prepare Your Child to See the Dentist?  

At any children’s dental office, it is common for kids to feel anxious about going to the dentist, but there are ways you can prepare your child for their dental appointment, such as:  

  • Talk to your kids about what they can expect and why routine visits to the dentist are so important.  
  • Avoid talking about the dentist negatively or telling them about your negative past dental experiences.   
  • Remember, children can pick up on their parent’s emotions, so try to be as calm as possible before and during the appointment.  
  • Provide distractions such as playing your kid’s favorite songs during cleaning or bringing their favorite stuffed toy or blanket to the appointment. 

Kids’ Dental Care Cost  

The cost of children’s preventative dental care is typical and covered by dental insurance, so you may not have to pay anything out of pocket.

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At Luminous Dental, we’re pros at putting kids of all ages at ease, including babies and toddlers, and we’ll make sure their dental checkup is quick, positive, and painless for you both. Our Charlotte, NC, office is kid-friendly and calm, and we make the experience exciting and fun so that kids like coming for visits. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!