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The field of dentistry has made many great technological strides and nowhere is this fact more evident than in laser dentistry. Traditionally, dental procedures are performed with a dental drill or various other tools that aid in removing the decay, eliminating bacteria that contribute to periodontal disease, root canal treatments, and more. With the use of laser technology, we can treat all kinds of issues, including cosmetic concerns, in a manner that is more efficient, predictable, gentle, and least invasive.

At Luminous Dental, Dr. Carli Warden and her team utilize dental laser technology to bring advanced dental care to the people of Charlotte while creating brighter smiles every day.

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What Is Laser Dentistry?

A laser is used to deliver energy in the form of light. When given a surgical application, this energy can be used as a cutting instrument or as a way to remove tissue precisely. This property means that a dentist can use laser technology to complete procedures in a way that traditional tools can’t.

The Waterlase laser technology used at Luminous Dental combines water, air, and laser energy to excite the water molecules in teeth. The interaction of energized water with tooth structure or tissue is how the laser “cuts.”. As a result, procedures performed with the Waterlase are more comfortable and offer a virtually pain-free experience as compared to the traditional dental drill.

Laser Dental Treatments at Luminous Dental

  • Treating Gum Disease. The energy released by the laser kills bacteria embedded in gum tissue without harming tooth or bone. Traditional tools used for cleaning alone cannot eliminate bacteria. NOTHING can get your mouth cleaner than laser energy.
  • Removing Tooth Decay. As part of a laser cavity removal procedure, a laser can clear away decay. The laser is attracted to the diseased tissue, which helps preserve far more healthy tooth structure than the typical dental drill. Due to the laser not creating any heat or pressure (which is what causes discomfort with a dental drill), many times we are able to remove a cavity with no shot. 
  • Laser Cold Sore Treatment. Avoiding cold sores is now possible! Laser treatment for cold sores is best done at the very onset of symptoms and can prevent the cold sore from forming. As soon as you feel any symptoms occur, call our office to schedule an appointment.  Even if the cold sore is already there, laser treatment can provide pain relief and allow it to heal much faster.
  • Crown Lengthening. With the laser, we are now able to perform esthetic & clinical crown lengthening in-house. This used to require multiple appointments, many weeks of healing, and additional specialist fees. Being able to remove bone around teeth without the need of a gum flap to either lengthen them or to provide enough room to place a crown allows us to complete this procedure without sutures and with minimal downtime. With this advancement, we can take the final impression for a crown on the same day, thus minimizing total treatment time. 
  • Gum Lift.  A laser gum lift allows the patient to have longer, more sophisticated-looking teeth and can also correct the appearance of crooked teeth and an uneven gum line. This is an easy and painless procedure that removes a small, strategic amount of tissue at the gum line with little to no bleeding.
  • Root Canal Treatment. Studies show that laser-assisted root canal treatment eliminates 99.6% of bacteria in the canals. Adding the laser to the root disinfection process ensures an exceptional success rate and reduced post-op discomfort with improved healing time.
  • Frenectomies. Lip or tongue-tie problems can make breastfeeding, chewing, swallowing, and speech difficult. Even more importantly, it can lead to severe problems with craniofacial growth and development which dramatically increases a child’s risk of TMD/TMJ, sleep apnea, poor head and neck posture, upper cervical neck and shoulder pain, and facial pain. With our laser technology, we are able to safely remove the connective tissue with no scalpel or sutures!
  • Biopsy. Lasers can also be used as a minimally invasive way to remove a small piece of tissue that can be sent for a biopsy to examine for cancer and other diseases. 

The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

When used on soft tissues, lasers are precise enough to be minimally invasive, which leads to smaller incisions. This means less bleeding and a decreased need for sutures. With fewer or even no sutures, wound care is far easier, post-operation sensitivity is reduced, and healing time is decreased.

However, the benefits of laser precision don’t stop at the reduced need for sutures. With gum recontouring and tooth shaping, it’s easier to control just how much of the tissue is removed. As a result, more of the natural tooth and gum tissue can be preserved, in addition to minimizing damage to the surrounding teeth or gum tissue.

More so, when compared to traditional dental tools such as drills and hand scalers, a laser will reduce pain in many instances. Because of this benefit, many procedures can be performed with less or no local anesthesia.

When it comes to dentistry, two significant sources of anxiety for many people are the pain and the sound/feel of a dental drill. This anxiety can lead some patients to neglect proper oral care. Laser dentistry helps reduce both of these issues and is sometimes called “no drill dentistry” because it doesn’t require a drill. By limiting the need for that iconic dental tool and reducing the pain of treatment, many patients are far less anxious when visiting Luminous Dental.

While the heat of a laser isn’t enough to harm a patient, it is enough to sterilize the working area thoroughly. This constant sterilization helps eliminate more bacteria and reduces the risk of future bacterial infection.   

Is Laser Dentistry Safe?

Lasers have been used in dentistry since 1994 and while their application was limited early on, technology has significantly progressed since then. Now, lasers can be utilized to perform or assist multiple laser dental procedures. In the hands of a well-trained professional, lasers can be safer than traditional tools. In addition, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved laser dentistry as a treatment option for several dental issues.

The Cost of Laser Dentistry

The use of a laser is how we deliver care and is not coded any differently when sending claims to insurance. Fortunately, the procedures that can be performed with conventional tools can also be performed with lasers, meaning that insurance coverage may still apply. Our team will check your insurance coverage before your appointment and will submit insurance claims on your behalf.

If you do not have insurance, there’s no need to worry. At Luminous Dental, we do everything we can to ensure that finances don’t stand in the way of your dental health. We are pleased to offer in-house membership plans in addition to CareCredit’s interest-free financing. 

Let Us Help You Care For Your Oral Health

One of the most important aspects of dentistry is ensuring that the patient is comfortable. Dr. Carli Warden and her team have taken that basic tenet to heart in everything they do. They explain every step of the treatment process, address any concerns that a patient may have, and take every opportunity to continue their education and remain informed about advanced technology and techniques, such as Waterlase laser dentistry.

Call Luminous Dental today to schedule a consultation and find out how laser dentistry in Charlotte NC can help you improve your oral health.